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CapitolLast December, the Capitol unveiled its $621 million visitors’ center.  I got around to checking it out in May (thankfully when it wasn’t flooding…).  Visiting the Capitol is pretty easy – as long as you have reservations – more on that later.

The Capitol visit starts with a brief 20 minute video about the United States and the Capitol building.  Construction of the Capitol began in 1793 with its much anticipated conclusion in 1892.  Let’s just say a couple wars got in the way… As I mentioned earlier, the building used to house the Library of Congress as well as the Supreme Court.  Most striking of the building is the dome which is topped by the Statue of Freedom.  Now, I think it’s near impossible to tell what the statue is when looking at the Capitol, but you can see a replica of it inside the Visitor’s Center.  (Warning:  the replica is a little ugly.  See pictures below.) Read the rest of this entry »