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Well, we’re feeling the touches of heat and humidity in the Nation’s Capital swamp.  Hailing from Memphis, the city of 90/90/90 summers – 90% of the summer it’s 90 degree weather with 90% humidity – I wouldn’t think that this weather would bother me so much.  However, moving North has ruined some of my Southern Sensibility and days of air conditioned office-sitting haven’t helped either.

My run home, while scenic, was a little lethargic.  I’m taking it as a wake-up call to remain hydrated and dress appropriately.  Seriously, another couple glasses of water before I headed out the door and a technical tee would have done wonders for how I felt.

My choices for gear:  Under Armour’s cotton-y feeling performance fabric.  I prefer how it feels to the more heavily polyesterized shirts.

As for water:  I like these small plastic sport-mouth bottles.  It’s small enough for me to carry comfortably in my hand and is enough water for a 45-60 minute run.  I have a few left from the last time I bought a package.  Next stop, would be to try to find something more reusable.

Tomorrow is a morning run… hopefully, I’ll find that to be more bearable.

~ Happy Trails ~