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I-55 BridgeWell it’s time to trade in the city on the river for a city on a lake.  Goodbye to Memphis.  Hello to Evanston.

I’ve got some great pictures from the road trip below.  The most notable thing about the 551 mile journey was the US makes a lot of corn.  Seriously.  A LOT of corn.

Some first impressions of these new environs.  1:  it’s windy.  really rather windy.  2:  the lake and view is fantastic.  3:  Evanston is pretty tiny.  Chicago is huge.  It took me around an hour to get from my place into the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

For the active-life enthusiast, there’s a lot of options.  Lakefront mixed-use trails offer great views of downtown Chicago – both from E-ton and Lincoln Park.  Commuting the 12 miles into the heart of Chi-town is possible by bike.  Also, there’s rowing here!!!

Since I’ve spent some time in Memphis and Chicago, both music meccas, I leave you with a few youtube videos:

~ Windy Trails ~


Those of you who are Custis Trail riders are now enjoying the newly repaved path from 20th St N and Lee Highway to Spout Run.  I was pleasantly surprised one day with the use of my tax dollars when I discovered that I no longer needed to worry about potholes or intrusive tree branches on the terrain.  And while the runners appreciate it, I’m sure the bikers are satisfied the project was finally addressed and completed.

* Bonus Update is the path connecting Thompson’s Boat Center to Rock Creek Pkwy is completed.

Yay construction completion!

~ Happy Trails ~


Part of the Rock Creek Parkway Trail alongside the Potomac is shut down for construction.  It’s nothing that will de-rail a workout, but I found it a little disappointing to not be right next to the river.  And then to have to wait for 2 lights… man, I’m spoiled.

Additionally, if you want to bike (or run) across the Woodrow Wilson bridge, as of this past Saturday, you can.

The weather looks pretty good this week – so if you’re in the Nation’s Capital, definitely take some time to enjoy it.

~ Happy Monday Trails ~


Well, we’re feeling the touches of heat and humidity in the Nation’s Capital swamp.  Hailing from Memphis, the city of 90/90/90 summers – 90% of the summer it’s 90 degree weather with 90% humidity – I wouldn’t think that this weather would bother me so much.  However, moving North has ruined some of my Southern Sensibility and days of air conditioned office-sitting haven’t helped either.

My run home, while scenic, was a little lethargic.  I’m taking it as a wake-up call to remain hydrated and dress appropriately.  Seriously, another couple glasses of water before I headed out the door and a technical tee would have done wonders for how I felt.

My choices for gear:  Under Armour’s cotton-y feeling performance fabric.  I prefer how it feels to the more heavily polyesterized shirts.

As for water:  I like these small plastic sport-mouth bottles.  It’s small enough for me to carry comfortably in my hand and is enough water for a 45-60 minute run.  I have a few left from the last time I bought a package.  Next stop, would be to try to find something more reusable.

Tomorrow is a morning run… hopefully, I’ll find that to be more bearable.

~ Happy Trails ~


Well, Bike to Work Day might not have been too popular in my building.

Well, Bike to Work Day might not have been too popular in my building.

Well, I made it to the Rosslyn pit stop.  On my way, I saw a lot of bikers.  The bike trail was getting some good use!

At the stop, I saw some more bikers as well as some tents.  Nothing seemed particularly special – until I left the pit stop.  Normally the intersection of Lee Highway and North Lynn is a little dicey in the morning.  There are usually a lot of impatient cars ready to get on the GW Pkwy or cross the key bridge.  But Friday, bikes ruled.  I crossed the intersection without having to glare at the drivers to force them to stop.

BTWD.  You won.

Some pictures of Bike to Work Day

This Friday (May 15th) is Bike to Work Day in DC.  The Washington Area Bicycle Association has pit stop rallies and commuter convoys to join.  Definitely check out a convey if it’s your first time trying the bike commute.

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