Originally formed as a way to share running routes, tips, & stories as well as cultural attractions in DC, irunthistown is now chronicling my journey to physical fitness after undergoing knee surgery while living in a suburb of the Windy City.

I will take you through the triumphs (yay!) and the setbacks (boooooo!) as I work to regain my strength, cardio fitness, and flexibility and fitting all of that in a hectic schedule.  Who knows – I might be picking up some golf too.

Let’s engage in a dialogue about different exercises and your own personal stories.  The path to physical well-being isn’t necessarily easy, so I am appreciative for the company that I have along the way.

And what is all of this training and effort really for?  Well first – physical fitness & well-being.  And second – I have my eyes set on a 5k this spring (actual race TBD).

Thanks for your participation & encouragement.  I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line.

Happy trails,


*I am not a medical professional.  No post should be treated as medical treatment.  I’m just blogging about what I’ve read and what’s been working for me or my friends.