Artsy, huh?

Artsy, huh?

As a running enthusiast, I’ve gotten tired of people knocking the sport.  “It’s so bad for your knees.”  Hmmm… Erroneous!!!

This New York Times article highlights a Stanford University study that followed runners and non-runners for 20 years.  The study’s Conclusion:  “Long-distance running among healthy older individuals was not associated with accelerated radiographic OA. These data raise the possibility that severe OA [osteoarthritis] may not be more common among runners.”  Booyah.

One of the points made in the NY Times article rings true with my own experiences.  The stronger your leg muscles and your core, the better your knees handle the impact.  Injury prevention/joint protections should be the top reason to hit the strength training at the gym.  Through strengthening quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles in weight training, you better prepare your body to handle the impact.

Keeping all of these muscles strong is integral to making sure your body stays in alignment throughout your entire running workout.  When you get tired, your muscles stop absorbing the impact and your form becomes sloppy.  So then all the happy pounding the pavement starts to become the unhappy pounding the knee joint.

I hope to place a few exercises to incorporate into your running routine in the future.  So check back!

~ Happy Trails ~