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Washington MonumentWait… you’ve lived in DC for four years and still never went up the Washington Monument???

Well, as I’ve learned – it’s pretty easy to go up and tour the WaMo.  And it’s fun.

The Washington Monument is sorta at the epi-center of the mall.  As noted by Shannon, it’s not in perfect alignment with the White House and the Jefferson Memorial (due to marshy ground).  However, it’s off-centered-ness allows you to see both the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial from the Ellipse.

One of the reasons so many people in DC never go to the WaMo is due to its ticketing process.  You must have a (free) ticket in order to enter the Monument.  On 15th Street, starting at 8:30 A.M. you can pick up free, same-day tickets.

For those who only remember they want to see the Monument  while it’s tourist season, there is another option.  By paying a fee, you can reserve tickets in advance.  I went this route, and as long as you can wait 2-4 weeks, this is a good option.  In total, I paid almost $3 a ticket – and it was worth it.  It’s a game of roulette with the weather but seeing the city mid-monsoon is probably cool too…

An additional visitor tip before we get to the down and dirty on the Monument.  I went on a Wednesday evening with a 7:30pm reservation.  First, I got there 15 minutes early as instructed.  Then, I was immediately whisked inside (so don’t fret if you’re particularly early or running a little late).  Also, it was not crowded.  Peak season of tourists, but the late show doesn’t bring as many out-of-towners. 

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This evening I headed on the Mount Vernon trail to Gravelly Point Park to check out the view on the Potomac.  Approximate route from Rosslyn is here.

This is incredible!  It’s absolutely thrilling to watch this huge object soar over you and then gracefully land feet away.  My biking buddy introduced me to this plane-watching method.  Lie down with your feet facing the runway.  You’ll hear the plane approaching (suspense!), then get a great view of it passing over, and finally be able to see it land.

And to make this better than just hanging out at your regular airport, there’s the Potomac on one side and views into DC to see the Capitol, Washington Monument, and the like.

Check it out.  I only wish I was there when it was dark too…

~ Happy Plane Watching ~


For an embarrassing period of time, my blogging was neglected.  It all started with the tragic idiotic loss of my camera.  Then, life got a little busy – I’m preparing for a move to Evanston, IL, just outside of Chicago, to attend business school.  And now finally, despite my athletic stamina, I’m having knee problems that are preventing me from running.

All of this makes one wonder what’s happening with the blog?

Well, for starters – I have a temporary camera right now and will be getting another camera in a couple of weeks.  Whew. One thing taken care of.

Next, if I’m in Chi-town, it’s going to be hard for me to write about DC.  So after I put in my thoughts about some different cultural things I’ve done recently in DC, I’ll be blogging about life in the Second City Suburb.

Finally, if this not running thing lasts for a while, I’m not quite sure.  I love running.  It’s a phenomenal sport, activity, way to keep in shape, see a city, connect to your surroundings, be outside, challenge yourself and see results… and the list goes on.  In the meantime, I’ll be blogging about some running topics I wanted to discuss before and will write some about the circuit training I’ve engaged in.  Seriously.  I’m crediting these hard core circuit training workouts that I am doing with putting me into the best shape of my life.  Ironic though that I’d injure myself again while feeling that way about my physical fitness…

I hope to create something you’ll still find interesting and reliable.  Any thoughts?  Leave your comments below.

~ Happy Trails ~


Those of you who are Custis Trail riders are now enjoying the newly repaved path from 20th St N and Lee Highway to Spout Run.  I was pleasantly surprised one day with the use of my tax dollars when I discovered that I no longer needed to worry about potholes or intrusive tree branches on the terrain.  And while the runners appreciate it, I’m sure the bikers are satisfied the project was finally addressed and completed.

* Bonus Update is the path connecting Thompson’s Boat Center to Rock Creek Pkwy is completed.

Yay construction completion!

~ Happy Trails ~


Well, I’ve been warned that I’ll loose any readership base I might have mustered since I haven’t posted anything in a while… I’m afraid that’s likely true.  I’d say a main driver of my lack of postings relates to the loss of my camera.  The second large driver is I’m getting ready to pack up and leave this fine city.  I’ll be relocating to the Chicago area in about a month.

Don’t worry though.  I’ll keep blogging blog, and I still have some material on some DC sites to share with you before I head our from the nation’s capital.

~ Happy Trails ~