Well, I’m guessing you were all taking bets on when that was going to happen.  Unfortunately, it was a little sooner than I had hoped.  And while I admit that I’ve fallen off, I am getting back to it.  The real question for me is to identify why it happened…

 The beginning of my demise was with the Run that Almost Cost Me $200.  It wasn’t that I almost lost something of some value on the run.  Instead, my fall from grace stemmed from my allergic reaction to the massive amounts of pollen floating around.  I awoke the next day tired with swollen pink eyes and a sore throat.  For fear of swine flu pink eye, I decided not to go into the office, called my doctor, and spent the day napping and consuming lots of liquids.  The next day, I made it to the doctor who informed me that I had allergies….  Good news – no swine flu.  Bad news – my eyes are puffy, my throat hurts, and I’m tired.

One thing led to another, and I still fought the allergy fight all week.  And even last week, I felt tired and awoke with swollen eyes.  I even encountered difficulty talking.  All this feeling lousy = no running.  Don’t worry though.  I’m back.  I ran over the long holiday weekend and have some things to share.

It’s interesting too – one of the biggest challenges of achieving (and maintaining) running prowess fitness and health is to stick with it.  There are times when you’re tired or busy – or worse:  tired and busy.  But the perseverence to try again is what’s going to lead to obtaining (and maintaining) your goals.

Success does not come to the most righteous and rigorously disciplined but to those who continue running.  ~ Amby Burfoot

~ Keep on, Keeping on ~


PS – I am keeping up on my objective to showcase the city.  I toured the Library of Congress and am now on my way to go up in the Washington Monument!