This Friday (May 15th) is Bike to Work Day in DC.  The Washington Area Bicycle Association has pit stop rallies and commuter convoys to join.  Definitely check out a convey if it’s your first time trying the bike commute.

I’m hoping to check out one of these !!FREE!! Confident Cycling Courses offered by WABA.  If you are interested in bike commuting but are holding back because of traffic or fears of getting stranded, check one of these out.  If you’re not in DC, search your local municipal website to see if they have any free classes.  You can also find classes at REI and perhaps your local bike store or community continuing education center.

I’ve been doing some bike commuting – even traversing Georgetown – and it’s fantastic.  Bike (and Run) commutes are rather simple ways to embrace an active lifestyle.

~ Jessica

PS – maybe the blog address should be irunbikewalkownthistown  🙂