Rosslyn Skyline As I promised in an earlier post, here’s the story about the run that almost cost me some cash…

In order to get pictures like this and the others in my posts, I run with my camera.  Sometimes I run with a small backpack and other times I carry the camera in a plastic grocery bag.

While checking out the Pacers Running Festival, I went with the plastic bag method.  After capturing some photos of the runners, I proceeded on my own run.  About 10 minutes in, my ipod hates me ran out of battery.  So I took off my ipod armband and placed it with my ipod in my grocery sack.

Memorial Bridge & Airforce Memorial

The $200 Money Shot

Along the run, I decided to snap some more pictures.  Everything looked so picturesque in the bright, clear air.  Really, I am so lucky to live in the Nation’s Capital and have the monuments a part of my city.

Despite the perfect weather, I felt myself struggling on the run.  It might have been the pancakes I ate that morning (not something I recommend eating pre-run) or my body’s reaction to the high pollen counts in the area.  But I finally made it home and was wiped out.

Post-stretch and post-shower I unpacked my plastic bag – but only my camera remained.  No ipod???  Who loses their ipod while running??? 

High Waters on the Potomac but the Crew Boats are Back!

High Waters on the Potomac but the Crew Boats are Back!

After the requisite flip-out, I hopped on my bike and retraced my steps.  I frantically searched the trails, almost took out some tourists in Georgetown.  Once I passed under the Roosevelt bridge, I went off-road (daring!) to where I stepped off the path to get the shot of the Memorial bridge and the Air Force Memorial.  There, hidden in the grass, was my ipod!

Crisis averted.  It fell out when I pulled out my camera to take the picture.  Whoops.

Moral of the story?  Charge your ipod before heading out the door.  🙂

~ Happy Trails ~