Pacers Half Marathon  



Pacers Half Marathon

I checked out the Pacers Running Festival this morning.  I was pretty psyched to leave the house this morning since when I turned on the news, the weather was described as “Perfect.”  (They were not lying.)  I caught some finishers of the Mom & Me Challenge running in.  A nice touch since the race fell on Mother’s Day and moms were given flowers.

I was particularly curious to see how the half marathon was going.  I previously flirted with the idea of signing up, but I’m taking a conservative approach to my training since I’m still managing running injuries and decided that 13.1 was too far too soon.

The pic is a view from the Memorial Bridge.  It looks like the field is a little thin and the cheering crowds a little light – much different from the Cherry Blossom or Army 10 Mile races.  I’d also speculate that the turnout is more low key than the National Marathon or Marine Corp Marathon.  I’m anxious to talk to a friend who ran the Pacers Half to hear what he thought of it.  While it looks like a great neighborhood race, I’m wondering if it was well-attended enough to provide group motivation to make it through all 13.1.

I’ll post more pictures from this event in the next few days.

In other news, I’ll have tell you the story later of the sucky run that almost cost me $200.  Let’s just say it’s been a long morning.  But those of you in DC – get out there.  This is glorious weather that’s really meant to be enjoyed.

~ Happy Trails ~