Random Q – Do you pronounce it like “Root” or as R-oww-t?

Here’s the gist of what I ran on Thursday. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2779503

A couple of things to note: 

1.  When crossing the Memorial Bridge and continuing on your run to the mall rather than Rockcreek Parkway, you want to be on the South (airport) side.

2.  Running along the mall is particularly glorious in the mornings.  The mall isn’t clogged with tourists and there’s not that much traffic to cross over.  It’s definitely something to check out.


Smithsonian Castle

So why do I claim that this new route brings success?  Well, from my running this past week, it appears that all of those mornings where my running buddies have been pushing me to run faster have started to pay off.  In this 6 mile + run, I found myself pushing the pace and feeling strong throughout the run.

It’s exciting to feel progress from the effort I’ve placed on training.  This is particularly fulfilling since physical fitness tends to suffer from the characteristics of diminishing marginal returns (I mentioned earlier that I’m an economist…).

The principle that I’m referring to here is that when you first start training, you might run a 10 minute mile.  Then in a few weeks you find yourself comfortable running a 9 minute mile.  Maybe a month more of consistent training you reach 8:30.  A couple months more of hard work and you’re able to do easy runs at 8:25.  You see it’s getting even harder to drop down that time.  So initially you found great rewards to your training (cutting down 1 minute per mile) but now you find your training yields lesser results (maybe cutting off 10 seconds per mile).

So the good news?  It is possible to still make progress.  It’s working for me.  Train hard and train smart, and you’ll find it too.

~ Happy Trails ~