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Rolling Thunder by the LOCWell, after my tour of the Library of Congress, I decided to run to Rosslyn.  (Have I told you how much I love this city?)  I found the run particularly interesting – and not just because of the influx of bikers in town.  On this run, the memorials were not functioning as aesthetically pleasing tributes to different times in America.  On this run, I witnessed the personal ties that linked people to the memorials.

The WW II Memorial was decorated with flowers between each of its pillars – in honor of more than 400,000 who gave their life and the 16 million who served in the armed forces during World War II.  The visual reminder of why we get a day off from work really changes the focus of the 3-day weekend.  Thanks to all those men and women who have kept the U.S. safe.


Rolling Thunder at the WWII Memorial

Rolling Thunder at the WWII Memorial


Library of CongressThis was the theme of the tour during my Memorial Day Weekend visit to the Library of Congress.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I value the insights gleaned from free tours in museums.

 The docent, Cora, was very knowledgeable in forming this link.  In order for Democracy to function optimally, a learned populace should elect educated leaders.  And not only should leaders know the law and government, but they also need to understand economics, the environment, health, science, etc.  Oh – Jefferson Ideals… it makes you want to read a million books just thinking about it.

Now onto the History of the Library of Congress:  The LOC was established by Congress in 1800 and was housed inside the Capitol.  (Looking at the Capitol from the LOC, it would be in the right wing side of the building.  I’ll put up a picture of this later today.)  When the British burned the Capitol in 1814, they incidentally burned the LOC as well.  Too bad for them burning buildings did not equal winning the war.

For the rest of the post I’ll showcase some of the Architectural/Decorative Highlights of the building and share some of the intereting Historical Tidbits I learned.

The LOC has soooooooooo much information!

Well, I’m guessing you were all taking bets on when that was going to happen.  Unfortunately, it was a little sooner than I had hoped.  And while I admit that I’ve fallen off, I am getting back to it.  The real question for me is to identify why it happened…

Now I hope to stay on the wagon

Well, Bike to Work Day might not have been too popular in my building.

Well, Bike to Work Day might not have been too popular in my building.

Well, I made it to the Rosslyn pit stop.  On my way, I saw a lot of bikers.  The bike trail was getting some good use!

At the stop, I saw some more bikers as well as some tents.  Nothing seemed particularly special – until I left the pit stop.  Normally the intersection of Lee Highway and North Lynn is a little dicey in the morning.  There are usually a lot of impatient cars ready to get on the GW Pkwy or cross the key bridge.  But Friday, bikes ruled.  I crossed the intersection without having to glare at the drivers to force them to stop.

BTWD.  You won.

Some pictures of Bike to Work Day

Holocaust Museum LobbyWelcome to the Holocaust Museum… have a meaningful experience.

As it’s name indicates, the museum’s focus is on telling the story of the Holocaust.  Since it’s opening in 1993, over 30 million people have visited the museum – and from my experience on Saturday, that number is growing rapidly.  Most notable upon arriving is the architecture.  There is an incredible mixture of stone, glass, steel, and light – quite stunning.

The museum captured the story from Hitler’s rise to power to the liberation of the concentration camps.  Overall, I found the museum to be informative and impactful.  I visited Dachau  previously and definitely still appreciated the insights offered by the Holocaust Museum.  Well done, Holocaust Museum – I had a meaningful experience.

More About My Visit

This Friday (May 15th) is Bike to Work Day in DC.  The Washington Area Bicycle Association has pit stop rallies and commuter convoys to join.  Definitely check out a convey if it’s your first time trying the bike commute.

More About Biking to Work

Rosslyn Skyline As I promised in an earlier post, here’s the story about the run that almost cost me some cash…

In order to get pictures like this and the others in my posts, I run with my camera.  Sometimes I run with a small backpack and other times I carry the camera in a plastic grocery bag.

While checking out the Pacers Running Festival, I went with the plastic bag method.  After capturing some photos of the runners, I proceeded on my own run.  About 10 minutes in, my ipod hates me ran out of battery.  So I took off my ipod armband and placed it with my ipod in my grocery sack.

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Some of the post-run bash (really what everyone was doing while waiting for the half marathon to end) and some of the race.

Check it out here

Pacers Half Marathon  



Pacers Half Marathon

I checked out the Pacers Running Festival this morning.  I was pretty psyched to leave the house this morning since when I turned on the news, the weather was described as “Perfect.”  (They were not lying.)  I caught some finishers of the Mom & Me Challenge running in.  A nice touch since the race fell on Mother’s Day and moms were given flowers.

I was particularly curious to see how the half marathon was going.  I previously flirted with the idea of signing up, but I’m taking a conservative approach to my training since I’m still managing running injuries and decided that 13.1 was too far too soon.

More about the Pacers Running Festival


Wall is on the horizon

Wall is on the horizon

Last night, I expected to head down to the Georgetown Waterfront with some friends to relax while enjoying a chocolate crepe.  However, we were vastly disappointed when our path and view was blocked by an enormous wall…

All the rain in the DC area transformed the Potomac into a raging river.  So Georgetown prepared itself by building this plywood wall.  I’m sure this circumstance wasn’t nearly as disappointing for me as it was for the bus full of prom kids.

~ Jessica ~

PS – My friends and I agreed that we never noticed this tower until the view of the Potomac was blocked.

*** Sunday, May 10th Update – Some friends reported that the wall was down last night.  Lucky for them!