Public Service Announcement:  There’s perfect running weather in DC.


April 23, 2009 ~ Key BridgeAs mentioned earlier, I went on a run this morning with some coworkers.  We get together about once a week to make a 6 mile trek to our downtown DC office.  I definitely take advantage of the opportunity to run in a group.

Running is a unique sport where you can make it an individual or team endeavor.  Training with others can allow you to push your comfort zone and test your abilities.  It also provides a social outlet.  For me, these runs are definitely working on making me faster.  The pace of the group keeps me trucking along when I would naturally slow my pace.  I’m looking forward to reaping the dividends of this training.  Fast times – here I come!


April 23, 2009 ~ Potomac River

I’ve got another training run set up for tomorrow am.  Let’s hope that I can keep up.  Here’s another picture to inspire you to make it out and enjoy this weather soon too!

~ Happy Trails ~


PS – Check out the scullers on the left.