April 21, 2009 - Netherlands Carillon

Well the blog is up, and I went on a great run this evening.  It was right after one of those short-lived thunderstorms – something you see a lot of in the South but not as much in DC.  Truth be told, I wasn’t particularly excited about going out for this run.  It’s shaping up to be a long, busy week and a relaxing evening on the couch sounded more appealing.  The key to my making it out the door – changing into my running clothes as soon as I got home, sit down to put on the running shoes, and leave.  Do not sit on the couch!

Like most times you don’t want to go on a run but do, I am really happy that I went.  The air was fresh and the setting sun luminated the sky.  After checking out an evening view of downtown DC and artfully avoiding a raccoon, I felt invigorated.  I even took on some dreaded hill repeats.  Let’s see if they can help me drop down my 5k time.  I’ll be running in the Race for the Cure on June 6th.  Not the best race to compete for a personal best, but it’s for a great cause

April 21, 2009 Tulips & WA MonumentThese are a couple pics that I snapped on the run.  This last one was taken with the night setting with my camera, but I failed to keep a steady enough hand.  Nonetheless, I decided to post it since it almost looks like an impressionist painting.

~ Til next time ~